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Safety Awareness Of Roadside Traders In Osogbo Township, Osun State, Nigeria


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D. S. Ogundahunsi, S. B. Adedotun, S. A. Adejuwon


The study focuses on evaluating the safety awareness of roadside traders along the major axis of Osogbo, Osun state, Nigeria. The objectives include to identify the location where street traders operate, assess their socio-economic characteristics, identify the risks involved and determine the traders’ awareness of the risks involved in their activity. A total of 278 roadside traders were selected from six clusters on the basis of streets using stratified random sampling techniques. Findings reveal that road-side trading within the CBD of Osogbo was influenced by low level of education, poverty, need for survival and by high rent value within the CBD among other factors. The study reveals a significantly high level of awareness of the risks involved such as exposure to high concentration of pollutants, exposure to hot sun and inclement weather and being hit by vehicles among others. It is recommended that a comprehensive planned alternative retail location with high connectivity and visibility be put in place, and the protection of the traders in the form government sponsored safety regulations for their operations as well as the enforcement of the existing traffic safety measures.


roadside trading, urbanization, economic deprivation, informal sector, traffic congestion, safety awareness, coping strategy, income, safety regulation, risk