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PTA-DESTINATION: A Decision Support System To Ensure Human And Environmental Protection


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M. Orso Giacone, A. Navarretta, F. Bratta


“PTA-DESTINATION. Shared cross border routes”, funded by the Italy/Switzerland Operational Programme for Trans-frontier Cooperation 2007–2013, is a project whose objective is to capitalize the result of the previous projects PTA (Alpine Technological Platform) and DESTINATION (DangErous tranSport To New prevenTive Instruments).

The partnership includes Regione Lombardia, as project leader, Università della Svizzera Italiana, Regione Piemonte, Regione Autonoma della Valle d’Aosta and Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano. Technical collaborators who worked on the DESTINATION project were CSI Piemonte, 5T S.r.l. and Laboratorio Mobilità e Trasporti of Politecnico di Milano.

The main result of the DESTINATION project, which ended in May 2014, is the definition of a risk analysis model of dangerous goods transport (DGT) by road, which constitutes the basis to a shared information system called GIIS (Global Integrated Information System), including environmental, territorial and technical data relevant to meeting local authorities’ and private stakeholders’ needs:

• supporting decision making processes and guideline definition related to DGT (preventive safety);

• assisting DGT companies through real-time monitoring (active safety);

• mitigating human and environmental impacts in the case of accidents with specific functionalities aimed at emergency assessment and management (passive safety).


The paper will give a short overview of the risk analysis model developed in the DESTINATION project and will describe the main features of the GIIS and the ongoing activities of methodology fine tuning and GIIS performance optimization that are being developed within the project PTA-DESTINATION.


hazardous materials, dangerous goods transport, risk analysis, environmental risk, social risk, geographic information system, decision support system