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A Method For Converting The Ansys And Ls-dyna Finite Element Model Into SASSI Code


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W. T. Li, Q. J. Chen


In most national nuclear seismic codes, seismic analysis on the basis of dynamic soil-structure interaction is a basic requirement. However, after decades of intensive study, a certain gap between the research activities and practical activities remains. This is due, to a large extent, to the different computational concepts between code SASSI and the other general codes, such as Ls-dyna, Ansys and Abaqus. In this paper, a method for converting the Ansys/Ls-dyna finite element model into SASSI is developed, and the corresponding code is programmed in Matrix Laboratory (MATLAB) and Ansys Parametric Language (APDL). Through this method, firstly, the input files of every SASSI module are automatically generated according to the Ansys or Ls-dyna finite element model. Next, the SASSI code is called, and its modules are conducted sequentially until the full analysis is completed. The structural response results that are required by users are outputted and saved in the expected format. In this paper, after introducing the method step-by-step, the dynamic soil-structure interaction simulations of a pile-high-rise structure and a nuclear factory are, respectively, conducted using the Ls-dyna and SASSI programs. The comparison results prove the feasibility of the method produced in this paper.


soil-structure interaction (SSI), seismic analysis, finite element, Ansys, Ls-dyna, SASSI, nuclear structure, program