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The Development Of A Simple Turnout Conversion Force Check Meter


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K. Yasuoka, T. Kaneko, M. Iikura, S. Mochizuki, K. Numata, H. Teramoto


The management of the conversion force of turnout, including of the point machine, is an important element for safety and stable transportation. Conversion force is managed by measuring torque or by the method of indirect measurement using voltage and current of the point machine. However, both kinds of data are based on the conversion force of the whole turnout including point machine. We cannot know which point machine or point part has trouble from that data. We then examined how to identify which is the trouble part and manage the conversion force concerning turnout, machine and point. It is possible to know the conversion force of a whole turnout to measure by using an existing axial tension meter into the connection section of turnout and equipment of point machine or the strain meter on the equipment of the point machine. The setup of this measurement apparatus takes time, and also these methods require adjustments to the equipment of the point machine before and after measurement. Then, a conversion force check meter, which can be attached to a point machine with a clip, is developed. This check meter can be mounted with the clip in a short time and does not require readjustment of the equipment of the point machine before and after measurement.


conversion force, check meter, point machine, turnout, strain gauge