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A Developed SW Tool For A LCC Model Evaluation Of A Stage Pre-IIIB To Stage IIIB NRMM-compliant Vehicle


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L. Della Ragione, G. Meccariello, F. Sperandio, M. Basso, A. Al-Sened


The scope of this paper is to explain the main concepts and characteristics of the LCC model for the new subsystem to fulfil NRMM Directive Stage IIIB requirements on emissions. In particular, an after treatment device and emerging technology solutions will be considered to evaluate the delta cost of new corrective and preventive maintenance plans.

The LCC model is a Delta-LCC tool, with respect to previous Stage IIIB, where all the additional costs relevant to acquiring and managing vehicles powered with NRMM-compliant engines are compared with the equivalent costs currently sustained. The Delta-LCC model of each type of vehicle concerned is a SW tool, developed in the Microsoft Excel environment. It could be used to estimate and compare the LCC of different alternative solutions or to perform an impact analysis, as far as cost issues are concerned. It could also be used to support the Political/Legal, Economic, Social, Technical and Environmental impact (PESTLE) analyses. The Delta-LCC model structure will include development costs; manufacturing and installation costs; operation and maintenance costs; and decommissioning costs.

The paper describes the development of such a tool and, as a case study based on literature data, focuses on its application in supporting the evaluation of cost integration of a diesel engine builder in a new rail vehicle.


Stage IIIB NRMM, Delta-LCC, diesel locomotive