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Inventory Of The Building Stock In The City Of Serres (Greece) For Seismic Vulnerability Assessment And Loss Estimation


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G. Panagopoulos, E. Kirtas, K. Mimidis, I. Sous, A. Kappos, I. Lialiampis, D. Chasapis


It is well known that inventory collection is one of the most demanding tasks for developing a risk scenario, unless extensive information is already available. Existing data from the City Planning Office archives of the Municipality have been utilized in combination with targeted in-situ inspections of selected building blocks, in order to provide an adequate recording of a representative sample of the building stock in the city of Serres (northern Greece) that will later be used for the vulnerability assessment and the loss estimation for selected seismic scenarios within the framework of the research program SeiVAS. More than 2000 buildings have been inspected, accounting for about 20% of the building stock in the city. Recorded data include general information of the buildings (i.e. age, height, use) as well as structural aspects. All data gathered were processed in an in-house developed software application and visualized in space using the ArcGIS platform. An initial grading is given to each building adopting the (Greek) Earthquake Planning and Protecting Organization procedure and the background to be used in the final stages of the research program, utilizing appropriate fragility curves for the corresponding building classes subjected to various seismic scenarios, has been developed.


building stock, inventory, vulnerability, seismic risk, loss estimation