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Construction Of Marinas In The Croatian Coastal Cities Of Split And Rijeka As Attractive Nautical Destinations


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S. Favro, M. Kovačić


In the last ten years Croatian coastal cities and towns have been changing their landscape to a large extent. Port, shipbuilding and other activities have only a secondary role, while tourism has become an attractive activity in all of its aspects. Some parts of port areas have undergone a change of the original intended use, whereby nautical tourism has a special position.

This paper researches the development of two Croatian cities, Split and Rijeka, that are subject to significant and at the same time different changes. The authors analyse the current status of the development of nautical tourism in Croatia with an emphasis on Split and Rijeka. Physical planning is particularly analysed as well as the influence of public authorities on coastal landscaping.

The paper elaborates a methodological approach for selection of marina locations in the coastal area. By applying a multi-criteria analysis in the selection of marina locations in the cities of Split and Rijeka, the authors present the possibility of rational, sustainable use of coastal space. Taking into consideration cultural and other identities of an urban area, the authors emphasize the importance of a responsible and controlled redesign of the coastal area as an important factor for the life of citizens.


nautical tourism, old city ports, space redesign, Croatia