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Parametric Modeling In Form Finding Andapplication To The Design Of Modular Canopies


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G. Curletto


Designers of modular systems having complex form should consider integrated approaches mostly based on technology, structural mechanics and economy. Due to both the configuration complexity and structural behavior that may be subjected to instability collapse and considerable vibration, the analysis and design of these models may lead to results too complicated to be carried out, limiting the use of new forms. To overcome these obstacles, the use of versatile tools must be applied in both the modeling phase and the analysis phase. The design solutions pursued in the present paper are devoted to the use of parametric software such as Grasshopper, Karamba and Millipide in which, through the modification of parameters, it is possible to vary the construction shape and carry out the structural analysis, taking into account all the above-mentioned components. The present research considers the potential of these tools in the parametric structural optimum design of modular canopies for outdoor installations. The design process is ruled by a development of algorithms for modeling, analysis and optimization of structures, applied to modular service stations. The objective is to model a structure reproducible on a large scale, simple enough to be assembled on site, and inexpensive. It is a canopy designed to organic form in which two parts may be identified: a trunk and an assemblage of radial made up of a series of steel elements connected to each other, supporting a lightweight polycarbonate cover. The dimensional, technological and formal characteristics are provided through a series of structural optimizations controlled with parametric tools. Keywords: parametric modelling, form finding, structural optimization, modular canopy, service station, Grasshopper, Karamba, Galapagos.


parametric modelling, form finding, structural optimization, modularcanopy, service station, Grasshopper, Karamba, Galapagos.