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Assessment And Rehabilitation Of The Volos Municipal Theater According To The Greek Retrofitting Code


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C. Maraveas, K. Tasiouli & K. Miamis


The main objective of the present study is the assessment and retrofit of an existing reinforced concrete building. In particular, the study concerns the municipal theater of the city of Volos, Greece and it was carried out following the provisions and requirements of the Greek Retrofitting Code (KAN.EPE.), which adopts the Performance Based Design (PBD) concept. The theater was built during the 70s and was designed according to the Greek Royal Decrees of 1954 and 1959. The theater consists of the stage and the auditorium, which were analyzed independently, because they constitute two disjoint reinforced concrete (RC) structures. Their structural system consists of spatial frames and shear walls. The columns and the beams are simulated with beam elements with concentrated plasticity and the shear walls with equivalent diagonal truss elements which simulate the shear behavior of the wall structural element. Nonlinear static (Pushover) analysis is applied in order to estimate the seismic performance of the two structures for two performance objectives (A2 and B1 according to the provisions of KAN.EPE.). These correspond to the \“Operational” and \“Life Safety” performance levels for seismic hazard levels with a 50% and 10% probability of exceedance in 50 years, respectively. A retrofitting scenario is proposed for both the stage and the auditorium in order for the performance objectives to be met. It includes concrete jacketing of certain beams, columns and shear walls as well as strengthening of specific beams with fiber-reinforced polymers (FRPs). Keywords: reinforced concrete structures, Pushover analysis, earthquake loading, seismic assessment, retrofit, rehabilitation, performance-based design.


reinforced concrete structures, Pushover analysis, earthquakeloading, seismic assessment, retrofit, rehabilitation, performance-based design