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Inelastic Dynamic Analysis And Non-linear Static Analysis Of 6- And 17-story RC Buildings Of Ductile Frames Designed In Mexico City


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J. A. Avila


A non-linear static analysis with monotonically increasing lateral loads was performed for two RC buildings with 6 and 17 stories, respectively, in order to compare their response against the results obtained from inelastic seismic analyses for the SCT-EW-85 record. The buildings are located in compressible seismic zone IIIb, and are designed according to Appendix A of the Mexico City Building Code (RDF-04), for a soil dominant period of Ts=2 seconds, satisfying the maximum service and collapse limit states for story distortion. Resistances were designed taking into account a three-dimensional structural performance in addition to the vertical load effects and second order effects. Due to the use of seismic performance factors (Q=4 for the 6-story building and Q=3 for the 17- story building), and according to the Concrete Construction Standard, special requirements were considered for the ductile frame. Nominal resistance and over-resistance effects were considered for the non-linear responses. Different inputs of lateral load patterns for the non-linear static analysis were taken into account. The comparisons were performed for base shear force–roof lateral displacement relations, global distribution of plastic hinges, failure mechanics tendency, local and global ductility demands, etc. Keywords: spectral modal dynamic analysis, non-linear static analysis, inelastic seismic analysis.


spectral modal dynamic analysis, non-linear static analysis, inelastic seismic analysis