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Effect Analysis On Heavy Tuned Mass Damper System Used In Urban Transportation


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L. Li, C. Geng & Q. Yu


A tuned mass damper (TMD) is an effective structure. When the mass of TMD is bigger, the effect to vibration reduction is better. In order to study the heavy tuned mass damper (HTMD) vibration reduction effect, three methods have been covered in this paper. The first is to analyze its natural frequencies and mode shapes. By comparing HTMD with common track, the performance of moderate and high frequency vibration attenuation has been verified. The second is the finite element study of wheel load drop on the track structure to simulate the real wheel impact. The stability and performance of damping property under impact load has been confirmed. Meanwhile, through dynamic load, parameter responses of tracks have been obtained. Comparing the track which uses HTMD with the common one, it can be concluded that the HTMD system fixed on the rail is effective. Keywords: heavy tuned mass damper, natural frequency, wheel load drop, dynamic response. 1 Introduction Rail transit in China has been developing very rapidly in the past dozens of years. Because most urban rail transits pass through downtown, the vibration and noise has a great impact on the environment. The vibration and noise directly affects people’s living conditions and health, especially to those who live and work along the lines. A lot of research work has been undertaken on rail transit


heavy tuned mass damper, natural frequency, wheel load drop, dynamic response.