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Effect Of Cement Coated Aggregates On The Creep And Deformation Characteristics Of Asphaltic Concrete Bituminous Mixtures


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I. Kamaruddin, Darmawan & M. Napiah


The performance of asphaltic concrete mixtures used in flexible highway pavement is governed to a large extent by the quality of the aggregates used in the mixture. This study presents an investigation into the use of cement coated aggregates in asphaltic concrete mixtures. Its advantages from the point of view of creep and deformation characteristics are investigated in the laboratory and comparison made with mixtures with untreated aggregates using the same gradation and under the same condition of sample preparation and testing. The use of cement treated aggregates in asphaltic concrete mixtures considerably affects the creep behavior of the mixtures, higher stiffness values were obtained for these mixtures as compared to that with the untreated aggregates. Stiffness values increased with an increasing degree in the cement coating. Cement treatment and bitumen content both affected the mixture stiffness in the asphaltic concrete studied. Cement coated aggregate mixtures also showed better deformation resistance as indicated by the lower deformation and wheel tacking rate (WTR) obtained as compared to the control. Keywords: aggregates, asphaltic concrete, cement coating, creep, deformation. 1 Introduction Asphaltic concrete mixtures used in flexible pavements contain approximately 90–95% aggregates by weight. The performance of such mixtures is therefore governed to a large extent by the aggregate quality which in turn is a function of


aggregates, asphaltic concrete, cement coating, creep, deformation.