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Demographics Do Matter: An Analysis Of People’s Travel Behaviour Of Different Ethnic Groups In Auckland


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A. Syam, A. Khan & D. Reeves


New Zealand in general and Auckland in particular is experiencing a significant change in travel volume, marked by an increase in the car ownership and public transport use. The increase in the travel volume is accompanied by a growth of the new immigrant population in Auckland. This paper seeks to find out the ways ethnic demographic characteristics might affect travel behaviour. It uses data from two sources, Statistics New Zealand and the Ministry of Transport New Zealand. Statistics New Zealand provides data on demographic characteristics which was collected from 2006 Census of Population and Dwellings and the Ministry of Transport feeds the data which was collected from 2010 New Zealand Household Travel Survey. This study found that demographic characteristics, ethnicity in particular, do matter in terms of travel choices, travel distance and needs. For example, the NZ Europeans was the group with the highest use of cars, especially as a driver, and Pacific Islanders was the largest in car use as passengers compared to other ethnic groups. The study also found that income, household structure and residential location can have a big impact on ethnic groups’ travel behaviour. Understanding the differences in travel behaviour among ethnic groups and the possible explanations for these differences can help in the development of more appropriate policies, best suited to meet the travel needs of all population groups. As Auckland becomes more diverse over the next few decades, a significant portion of growth in travel demand will undoubtedly come from the minority population. Therefore, differences in travel behaviour, such as those identified in this paper, are likely to have wide-reaching consequences for short- and longterm travel demand forecast, planning, and policy development. Keywords: travel behaviour, ethnicity, minorities, travel demand, Auckland.


travel behaviour, ethnicity, minorities, travel demand, Auckland.