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How To Reconcile Operator And Manufacturer Risk Control Points Of View During The Construction Of A Transport System


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A. Cointet & C. Laval


In a project of building a transport system, the risk control part is a key element of the system in front of the requirements of the authorities which have to deliver the licence to operate to the appointed operator. This proof to supply relies mainly on two aspects:  The designed, built, tested system is in compliance with the requirements specified by the client.  The operator set up the organization, the skills and the documentation which allow it to master the system operation, to maintain it at its nominal level of functioning and to assure the expected safety level from day to day and for the duration of the contract. These two aspects are strongly bound, even if they result from two different points of view.  The vision \“Manufacturer” on the one hand, with whom the main objective is to supply a integrated safe and secure system, in compliance with the requirements specified within the framework of the term of references with the project owner and with the rules of the art,  The vision \“Operator” on the other hand, from whom the objective is to guarantee throughout the contract of transport a safe and secure operation for the passengers and employees. How to reconcile these two visions which integrates all the requirements of integration, use and durability from the beginning of the project in order to present to the Railways Authorities a coherent transport system?


functional analysis, system engineering, defence in depth