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High Performance Mortar May Help To Reduce Damages In Masonry Constructions For Seismic Areas In Mexico


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J. Gomez-Dominguez & L. A. Badillo


Seismicity is a great concern in Mexico and other Latin-American countries, particularly low income construction houses and small masonry buildings suffer considerable damages under earthquakes. This work describes a practical research for developing and testing at the laboratory stage an optimal high performance mortar in small masonry sections under loads. Results showed that masonry sections made with the high performance mortar were 34.65% stronger in compression than sections made with conventional mortar; on the other hand masonry sections tested under diagonal compression were 11.91% stronger. A simplified seismic analysis carried out on three story buildings located in Mexico City showed that the lower story for the conventional masonry building would not comply with its code, while the building with high performance mortar was considered satisfactory. Using high performance mortar to make masonry walls would cost 11% more than using conventional mortar. Keywords: high performance mortar, masonry houses, brick walls in buildings. 1 Introduction On March 20, 2012 an earthquake 7.4 on the Richter scale was felt in Mexico City with many aftershocks, fortunately no major damages were suffer, this reminded us of the devastation left by the 8.0 earthquake that occurred in 1985. This work describes an initial effort to do some research on the development of a better performance masonry, the need exists to alleviate in some way the damages produced by earthquakes on conventional constructions, were little attention is given to the mortars used. Low income houses and small buildings


high performance mortar, masonry houses, brick walls in buildings.