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Analysing The Applicability Of Deployable Scissor Structures In Responsive Building Skins


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A. Vergauwen & N. De Temmerman


Recently, responsive building skins have gained importance in the world of architectural engineering. A lot of research has been done on control systems required to obtain responsive façades, but the real challenge today is the development of a new generation of components and structures which are able to give the building envelope the required transformability. The scope of this paper is to analyse to what extent deployable scissor structures are appropriate for use in a responsive building skin. The parameters analysed in this research are the type of transformation, the type of deployment and the morphology. Of course, a lot of other aspects have an influence on the applicability of scissors structures in the building envelope, but these fall out of the scope of this paper. The result of the analysis is a first impression on the behaviour of scissor structures in the building envelope and possible applications, based on their shape and transformation characteristics. This paper can be considered as a starting point for further development of deployable scissor structures for responsive building skins. Keywords: responsive building skin, adaptive building skin, responsive architecture, deployable structures, pantograph structures, transformable structures, scissor structures, shape possibilities, applicability, state-of-the-art. 1 Introduction With mounting concerns over global climate change and resource depletion, the need for more sustainable and energy-efficient buildings has never been higher. The building envelope, which acts as a transition between inside and outside, has become a key factor in this matter. As a result, the building envelope is more and


responsive building skin, adaptive building skin, responsivearchitecture, deployable structures, pantograph structures, transformablestructures, scissor structures, shape possibilities, applicability, state-of-the-art.