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Construction Safety Management Accidents, Laws And Practices In Kuwait


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H. M. Al-Humaidi & F. Hadipriono Tan


In Kuwait, the construction process can be very challenging due to the diverse labour force. In this paper, we analyze construction-related accidents in Kuwait that includes the type of accident, types of injury, the body part injured, and accident outcome for the years 1996-2007. As this research illustrates, the construction industry is the most hazardous industry in Kuwait. On average, falls are the major type of accident (33.2%), followed by being crushed or struck by a falling object (25.2%). Use or misuse of tools caused the third largest number of accidents in Kuwait (18.1%). The most frequent type of injury is fractures (52.6%) and the most common injured body part is the upper-body (53.4%). An average of (82.7%) of victims of construction accidents in Kuwait sustains permanent disabilities. Kuwaiti rules and legislation are discussed in this paper and suggestions for ensuring a safer construction environment are introduced. It is a fact that the Kuwaiti construction industry has a safety problem and that there is a need to change current legislation and control strategies in construction and building sites to more rigorous legislations and control practices to enhance construction safety level in Kuwait. Keywords: construction safety, construction accidents, international construction, Kuwait.


construction safety, construction accidents, international construction, Kuwait