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Audits Related To Safety Management Systems: Italian Case Studies


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A. Romano, G. Pinetti & F. Perrone


The European Directive 96/82/CE and the recent Directive 2003/105/CE [1] report that a Safety Management System must be applied for industrial activities called \“Seveso activities”; this is due to the amount of quantities of dangerous substances that can generate major accident risks. The purpose of this paper is to show how audits related to Safety Management Systems are carried out in Italy in recent years, by considering the experience of TRR Company in supporting activities for Seveso industries. Different type of industries will be presented: refineries, chemical plants, steel mills, etc. Several topics will be discussed, by starting from the operating analysis of accidents occurred in the examined Seveso industry, by analysing the impact of the operating analysis on accidental scenarios included in the Safety Report and, in general terms, the impact on risk analysis. Other topics discussed will be the definition of the critical items that can generate accidental scenarios and the prevention measures adopted to reduce the probability of failure of these items. The analysis related to the management and design precautions, the mitigation measures and the monitoring instruments for each accidental scenario included in the Safety Report will be presented for identifying the critical points of the Safety Management System and the correct item for the improvement. Different Italian case studies will be presented in order to show the different approach that can be used for assessing a complex Seveso industry than a simple Seveso industry. A critical analysis will be carried out by using all the elements collected by audits in several Seveso industries for defining the main parameters, in terms of safety indicators, useful to monitor and manage the safety of the industrial activities. Keywords: safety management system, audit, Seveso.


safety management system, audit, Seveso