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Accidents Black Spots On Highways And Their Low Cost Remedial Measures


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I. Hafeez & M. A. Kamal


It is imperative to identify and analyze the presence of black spots on highways with key causes of road accidents that have taken place previously. It is quite difficult to investigate and analyze the available accident data, mainly because of geometric conditions, traffic and vehicles speeds. It has been revealed in this study that most of the accidents at black spots occurred due to speedy and aggressive driving of road users. Geometric conditions have comparatively less contribution in accidents. Furthermore, most of the accidents happened in broad day light rather than at night. In order to have safe and smooth flow of traffic on urban highways, encroachments within the right of way should be cleared off and separate service roads should be provided for local traffic. Low cost remedial measures like road marking, signs, signals, enforcement, slight geometric improvement can reduce the black spots. Keywords: accidents, black spot, highways, remedies. 1 Objective of study The main objective of this study is to highlight importance of accident record keeping, analysis of facts, identify accidents black spots and to provide suitable low cost remedial measures. How existing available accident data can be analyzed and processed in order to address the main causes of the crashes with respect to vehicle, road characteristics at specific locations and road user’s psychology in Pakistan. How each and every black spot can be treated independently based on its nature, size and intensity of accidents. This can be done in a systematic way so that a better, safer and convenient road traffic system can be developed. Most of the accidents are not merely due to some


accidents, black spot, highways, remedies.