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Speed Control Of Subways And Trams


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I. Strainescu, E. Tudor, V. Serbu, F. Bozas & S. Badea


In this paper we present the speed control system developed at ICPE SAERP SA Bucharest for traction equipment consisting of more than one drive, such as the two-motored tramcar, the double-unit metro or the tractor coach for railway use. The system contains hierarchical processor controllers for speed and torque. The main connections between processor units are serial connections, and the communication protocol has special safety tasks. The speed regulators are based on velocity measurements of the axles and are located at main controllers in order to operate at low frequency. Each of the motor units is driven with individual power converters. Inside the power converter is located a slave processor which performs the current regulation based on the local transducers. The diagnosis tasks are both global with master controller and local by every slave controller, so the central diagnosis task can operate the data with high resolution. The system allows the addition of several motored units and can be driven from a selectable cabin. Further converter and motor evolution will easily fit inside the system. Keywords: speed control, tram, metro, converter, diagnosis. 1 Introduction Due to operating characteristics and requirements, big urban transport vehicles fully meet basic transport requirements, such as short stations, maximum speed restriction of approximately 70–80 km/h, large traffic of passengers and the possibility of organizing a good complex system of transport. Thus, we consider that, at the present moment, electrical transport based on trams and metro trains in the urban area and by trains in the suburban area, represents the best solution. In Bucharest as well as in the other towns in our country, the transport systems have been recently reconsidered by considering the metro and the trams as basic means of urban transport. That is the reason why, at present, all efforts


speed control, tram, metro, converter, diagnosis.