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Driving Equipments Made By ICPE SAERP For Urban Electric Transport Vehicles


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V. Radulescu, I. Strainescu, L. C. Moroianu, V. Serbu, E. Tudor, S. Gheorghe, C. Goia, Fl. Bozas, A. Dascalu, D. Braslasu, M. Tanase, G. Mitroi, S. Badea, I. Sburlan, C. Ungurasu, V. Lupu & B. Radulescu


The company ICPE SAERP S.A. is the main producer of the electric drives for urban traction and for railway vehicles in Romania. The products of our company are subject to the last 57 years of permanent evolution, based on the development of the semiconductor and of the microprocessor control techniques. The improvement of the passenger’s comfort and the downsizing of the exploitation costs are a must for public transportation companies, relating to trolleybuses and trams. Both can be achieved by using modern electric drives (dc-choppers or 3-phase inverters), which can reduce the power consumption and can increase the control of the vehicle. The main products for electric traction are the drives for traction motors of the vehicles (as DC-choppers for DC series motors and 3-phase inverters for asynchronous or synchronous motors) and converters for auxiliary services of the vehicles (battery chargers and 3-phase inverters for auxiliary asynchronous motors). This paper represents a review of those applications and their benefits. Keywords: electric drive, inverter, chopper, trolley, tram, converter, charger, research, development. 1 Driving equipment for the traction motors 1.1 Choppers for direct current motors This chapter presents such a system that is mounted or can be mounted on the tramcar and on the trolleybus. ICPE SAERP S.A. has delivered 359 traction


electric drive, inverter, chopper, trolley, tram, converter, charger,research, development.