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Case Report Of Overcrowded Buses And A Possible Solution


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N. M. Gomes Rocha


This paper reports a case of overcrowded buses and a possible solution. Project management methodology is used in transport planning. The paper is divided into three main parts. The first part is raw material. Case report scenario and methodological steps are presented. The second part is the processor. Methodological steps are explored using a specific case as an example. The third part is the final product. The case solution is presented and the lessons learnt are shared. Project management is used in huge projects, with lots of interlocutors, high quality and environmental standards and higher budgets. In smaller projects, it is considered a waste of resources. This paper tries to prove that with adjustments, project management methodology could be useful in small projects. Project management classical methodology was used as a base to design a general plan. Parallel to the general plan is the task plan. The task plan organizes the tasks considering project characteristics like working team dimensions, deadlines and budget. In this project a task plan was developed for a one person working team, close deadlines and low budget. The project management main issue is to always improve the standards so the most important lesson taken from this project was that task organization could define the project success so it should receive close attention. Keywords: urban transport, public transport, transport planning, project management, bus.


urban transport, public transport, transport planning, project management, bus.