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The Concerns Of RAT Bucharest And ICPE SAERP Bucharest For Environmental Protection And Reducing Energy Consumption In Urban Transportation


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I. Străinescu, V. Rădulescu & P. Marin


The Public Transport Company from Bucharest, RATB, and the company ICPE SAERP are working side by side to ensure public transport in Bucharest by an electrical means of transportation. This is realized by improving the electrical vehicles (trams and trolleys) and by synchronization of the operation of RATB and METROREX. To ensure this kind of transportation in Bucharest and its surroundings, RATB uses a network of over 300 km of tramcar lines with a park of almost 500 tramcars, 18 trolley bus lines with a park of 300 trolley buses and an autobus park of 1300. The transportation lines in Bucharest depend on the 3 subway lines so that the transportation is optimum. The trolley bus park ensures civilized transportation with a negligible pollution level. In this case the exploitation costs are higher than for autobus transportation, but lower than for tramcar wagon transportation, and this is why it is easier to implement in Bucharest. Keywords: urban transport management, trolleybus, tram. 1 Introduction In the European Recommendation COM (2007) 551 final [1, page 3], we find the following: • In the European Union, over 60% of the population lives in urban areas. Just less than 85% of the EU’s gross domestic product – GDP – is


urban transport management, trolleybus, tram.