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The Role Of Street Traffic Signs In Reducing Road Accidents


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H. A. Hussein


The city roads network is considered an essential element in any urban community. It occupies around 30% of the total area of urban land. These roads might be classified into two main parts: – Those which provide services to the lands attached. – Those which provide services to the cars; they are used by large-size vehicles. Though the first one is the most common one, the second one has recently been more influential in the planning of a city’s roads network as a result of the increased use of high-speed comfortable low cost transportation. Statistics in many countries, including Iraq, have demonstrated that road accidents continue to be an outstanding danger to humankind, which is a problem that requires a study to the reasons behind it. The poor planning of the traffic networks including the traffic lights, the drivers’ legal binding, the general level of education that both drivers and pedestrians have, and the correct choice of appropriate transportation suitable for all types of roads are only some examples. Due to the comprehensive nature of the study, it is useful to limit it to a very restricted part of the problem, though with great influence in the traffic process and planning, so this study is about traffic lights with lines and signs that have not received any attention in our country despite their low-cost execution. Keywords: transportation, traffic accidents, traffic signals, streets.


transportation, traffic accidents, traffic signals, streets