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The Production Of Organic Compost From Domestic Waste In Koya University Campus


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Nazenine O. Hassan


This project is the idea of producing compost in Koya University campus is the first step in producing compost in another place in the Koya city. The aim of this study is to prepare Koya University’s staff to produce, either collectively or personally, their needs of compost for Koya University garden or for their personal home garden in the university campus. The principle of compost production is the same all over the word but the place, raw material, container, size, weather, duration, work division and participating in the production will change. 50% of home waste is organic coming from kitchens and gardens, and at least 30% of home waste can be used in compost production. The elements that are used in production of compost are carbon, nitrogen that comes from organic substance, humidity and temperatures from outside and organic material in addition to these, of course, microorganisms do the work of decomposing organic material. Koya has a dry hot summer and cold winter, for those composting need different treatments in summer and in winter. The conclusion of this is that production of compost is a strategy of different cities in the world for preserving the environment. In Koya, the university and their staff considered as the elite of this city, the planning of the future of this city depends on them. Composting can be one of these projects that Koya city able to be developed; either by Koya municipality or by Koya inhabitants. Keywords: organic compost, compost production, domestic waste.


organic compost, compost production, domestic waste