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Numerical Simulations Of Heat And Mass Transfer In The MOVPE Process For Obtaining High-quality Nitride-based Semiconductors


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J. Skibinski, P. Caban, A. K. Lewandowska, T. Wejrzanowski, K. J. Kurzydlowski


In the present study heat and mass transfer in a Metal Organic Vapor Phase Epitaxy reactor AIX-200/4RF-S is addressed to better understand the epitaxial growth of gallium nitride (GaN). Existing knowledge about phenomena occurring in the Metal Organic Vapor Phase Epitaxial (MOVPE) process allows the production of high-quality nitride-based semiconductors. However, MOVPE process parameters can vary in certain ranges. The main goal of this study is the optimization of the process and improvement of the quality of crystal obtained. In order to investigate this subject a series of computer simulations have been performed. Numerical simulations of heat and mass transfer in the GaN epitaxial growth process have been performed to determine temperature distribution and velocity profile over the main growth area for various heating temperatures of reagents. Main heat transfer mechanisms during MOVPE process are convection and radiation. Reactor walls are made of quartz to obtain best temperature distribution over the growth area. The study exhibited that heat and mass distribution over the crystal growth area depends on heating temperature and mass flow rate of the inlet gases. Correlation of modeling results with the experiment will allow us to determine an optimal process temperature for obtaining crystals of the highest quality.


Finite Volume Method, epitaxial growth, gallium nitride