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Effect Of Structural Forms On The Performance Of A Jet Pump For A Deep Well Jet Pump


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C. H. Zou, H. Li, P. Tang, D. H. Xu


A deep well jet pump combines two principles of pumping; that of the centrifugal pump and that of the jet pump. The performance of the jet pump has an impact on the deep well jet pump directly, while previous studies on jet pumps have focused on the structure parameters, which ignored the effect of structural forms such as installation direction and the structural forms of the inlet. In this paper, three turbulence models were used to calculate a 3D single-phase flow field in the jet pump and the results were compared with the experimental data to validate the simulation. Numerical simulations in different gravity fields were carried out to seek the differences of the performance between the horizontal installation and the vertical installation of the jet pump. The optimum throat pipe length formulas were deduced from analysis of the simulation results. Three kinds of structural forms for suction inlet were compared by numerical simulation. The results showed that the efficiency of the vertical inlet was the highest, and some numerical results regarding flow fields and velocity distribution were shown and discussed.


deep well jet pump, optimum throat pipe length, gravity field, suction inlet