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Calculation Of The Protective Current Density Distribution Of A Cathodic Protection System With Galvanic Anodes In Terms Of Double-layer Electrolyte


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A. Mujezinović, Ai. Muharemović, I. Turković & Ad. Muharemović


This paper considers the effect of discontinuity of electrical conductivity of electrolytes on the distribution of potential and protective current density in cathodic protection systems with galvanic anodes. The aim of the paper is to present a simultaneous analysis for application of both analytical and numerical models for calculation of the distribution of protective potential and current density in the cases of homogeneous and double-layer electrolytes. When considering non-linear boundary conditions at the electrode surface (secondary distribution of protective current density), the indirect boundary element method is used, because of the complexity of the calculation. Collocation at the point method was used for calculation. Due to the nonlinearity of boundary conditions at the electrode surfaces, the calculation problem is further complicated. In order to show the importance of this analysis, calculations for the observed system as well as calculations of errors caused by neglecting the boundary discontinuity of the soil conductivity are provided. Based on calculations and with respect to error analyses, the conclusive remark gives the impact valuation of the doublelayer electrolyte on the correct calculation of the cathodic protection system with galvanic anodes. This paper also gives the analysis when the double-layered nature of the electrolyte can practically be ignored, which has great importance for designers of these systems.


cathodic protection (CP), distribution of the protection current density, single-layer electrolyte, double-layer electrolyte