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Impact Loading Of Inelastic Elliptical Plates


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J. Lellep & A. Mürk


Inelastic response of elliptical plates to impact and initial impulsive loading is studied. For determination of the deflected shape of plates the concept of mode form motions amalgamated with the conical velocity field in used. Theoretical predictions of residual deflections are developed for plates of piece wise constant thickness. The cases of circular and annular plates subjected to initial impulsive loading are studied as particular cases of an elliptical plate. Keywords: impulsive loading, plasticity, plate, elliptical plate, mises condition. 1 Introduction Thin plates and shells are important elements of structures. In accidental situations the plates can be subjected to impact and shock loadings. This involves the need for methods of evaluation of maximal residual deflections caused by initial impact and impulsive loading. Exact and approximate theoretical predictions and experimental results regarding to the behaviour of inelastic structures have been presented by several authors. Reviews of these studies can be found in the books by Jones [2], Kaliszky [5], Stronge and Yu [17], also in papers by Kaliszky [4], Jones [3], Kaliszky and Logo [6], Nurick and Martin [12], Yu and Chen [21]. Shen and Jones [15], also Wen et al. [20] studied the dynamic plastic response of fully clamped circular plates in the cases of rate sensitive and rate insensitive materials. Liu and Stronge [11] considered simply supported circular plates subjected to dynamic pressure at the central part of the plate. Wang et al. [19] used the concept of the unified strength theory in the dynamic plastic analysis. Lellep and Hein [7], Lellep and Mürk [8, 9] studied stepped plates and shallow shells. In papers [10, 9] the concept of plates with stable cracks located of the reentrant corners of steps was used for determination of optimal parameters of the plate.


impulsive loading, plasticity, plate, elliptical plate, mises condition