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Evaluation Of Insulation Systems By In Situ Testing


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I. Enache, D. Braga, C. Portet & M. Duran


Due to the global warming of the earth, the energy performance of buildings is now a crucial subject. In order to have an accurate comprehension of the energy loss of a building, we have developed real time in-situ tests for the thermal performance of building insulation systems. The test cells are pitched roofed with two gable walls, have the same interior and exterior dimensions, are placed in outside weather conditions and are constructed with the same materials (apart from the roof and gables insulation). All cells are heated in the same way. The temperature inside the test cell is maintained at the same specified level in winter by fan heaters. By comparing the air temperature within the test cell to the outside weather conditions and monitoring the energy required to maintain the internal temperatures, the real life thermal efficiency of each insulation system can be estimated. This paper deals with the results obtained over several test centres around Europe using a thin multi-layer reflective insulation product for the insulation of the first test cell, mineral wool for the insulation of the second one, and without insulation for the third one. Keywords: in situ testing, real life thermal efficiency, thin multifoil insulation.


in situ testing, real life thermal efficiency, thin multifoil insulation.