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Analysis Of Radiating Structures Placed On Multilayer Dielectric


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M. Wnuk & M. Bugaj


In this work, a solution to the problem of electromagnetic fields scattering on periodical, limited, planar antenna structures, placed on the border of two dielectric layers is formulated. One led out of scattering this kind of structure and defined in its generalization for the case of antenna with a multilayered dielectric basis. By using Galerkin’s spectral method the problem was brought to an arrangement of algebraical equations with disposition on coefficients of the current’s disposition on metal elements of an antenna arrangement, with regard to disposition of field on Floquet’s harmonics. The complete transverse dimension of an antenna was taken into account by introducing antenna’s window functioning solution of unlimited antenna. The formalism allows the modeling of periodical actions, dielectrics, and composite antenna arrays. Keywords: Antenna arrays, multilayer dielectric, Green function. 1 Introduction Antenna arrays usually consist of periodical metal structures placed on, or set in, multilayer dielectric. Changes of size or shape of each of the antenna’s elements allows for effective modelling of spectral characteristics of parameters of antenna array. These changes can also be modelled by the selection of geometrical and physical parameters of dielectric layer surface and coverage. In the case of big transversal dimensions of antenna (100 lengths of wave) and several dozen or more single radiating metal elements, characteristics of antenna radiation in good approach respond to characteristics of an unlimited antenna structure. When the condition of fulfilling periodicality of such an antenna is fulfilled and it is excited by a flat wave with linear and homogenize module faze, the problem of diffraction of such a structure is brought to an analysis of a single


Antenna arrays, multilayer dielectric, Green function.