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On A Numerical Model Of A Complete Washing Machine


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T. Argentini, M. Belloli, N. Gaudiano, G. Fraternale, F. Panetta, D. Sabato & M. Vanali


We present a numerical model of a complete horizontal-axis washing machine and its validation. Our purpose is to develop an effective mathematical model able to predict the machine dynamics during steady-state spinning cycles, with a specific focus on the structural vibrations of the cabinet. The complete model couples a parametric linearized multi-body model under unbalanced-mass forcing for the drum unit and a structural finite element model for the cabinet. The drum unit and cabinet are connected by means of a suspension system composed of three extension springs and two dry-friction dampers. We present two different models to simulate the dampers’ behaviour and we compute the response of the cabinet using modal superposition. Besides numerical modelling, we carried out an extensive experimental campaign in order to characterize every element of the washing machine, to determine every parameter of the model, and to collect a large database to validate the model. Experimental results are reported in Argentini et al. \“Experimental characterization of the vibro-acoustic behaviour of a complete washing machine. XXV IMAC, 2007”. A satisfying reproduction of the machine dynamics emerges from the comparison between numerical and experimental responses. The numerical model will be used to design and test new solutions to improve the dynamical response and to reduce structural vibrations. Keywords: washing machine, numerical model, multi-body, FEM, friction dampers, vibrations.


washing machine, numerical model, multi-body, FEM, friction dampers, vibrations.