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Cyclic Testing Of Reinforced Concrete Beam-column Joints With Crossed Inclined Bars


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C. E. Chalioris, C. G. Karayannis & M. I. Favvata


The use of crossed inclined bars in external beam-column connections under cyclic deformations is experimentally investigated. For this purpose, test results of four Reinforced Concrete (RC) joint subassemblages subjected to constantly increasing pseudo-seismic loading are presented. The shear reinforcement in the joint area for two specimens was two pairs of inclined bars that formed a pair of X-type reinforcement. The other two specimens were conventionally reinforced joints (control specimens). The effectiveness of this X-type, non-conventional reinforcement on the overall seismic performance of the tested joints is examined. The beam and the columns of all the specimens were designed according to the requirements of ACI 318-02 and the recommendations of ACI-ASCE 352-02 (Type 2 exterior connections). The design of the joint area for one control specimen was also carried out according the ACI Design Codes and the required amount of steel stirrups (5∅8) was added in the joint body. The other control specimen had no stirrup at the joint area. Comparisons between the test results of the examined specimens indicated that the cyclic behaviour of the joints with X-bars was ameliorated with respect to the response of the control specimen without stirrups. Further, load capacity and hysteretic energy dissipation values of the joint with 2X-bars ∅14 were slightly lower than the values of the control specimen which joint area had stirrups (5∅8) according to the specifications of ACI Design Codes. Keywords: beam-column joint, cyclic tests, reinforced concrete, inclined bars.


beam-column joint, cyclic tests, reinforced concrete, inclined bars.