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A Formulation Of A Multi-wave Elastodynamic Infinite Element


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K. Kazakov


In this paper, a formulation of a multi-wave elastodynamic four and eight node infinite element is proposed. Such a kind of element is appropriate for multi-wave soil-structure interaction problems. The formulation follows the standard infinite element formulation steps which are the same as for the Finite element method after mapping the infinite element domain to a finite element domain. It is shown that if only one wave function is used (only one frequency) the proposed multi-wave elastodynamic infinite element is reduced to a singlewave elastodynamic infinite element. The mapping and the Lagrange isoparametric shape functions for a 2D axisymmetric four and eight node multi-wave elastodynamic quadrilateral infinite element are also given. The basic aspects of the continuity along the finite/infinite element (artificial boundary) line are discussed in brief. In this type of model such a line marks the boundary between the near and the far field of the model. The formulation is appropriate for wave propagation problems only. Keywords: wave propagation, infinite elements, finite element method, soil-structure interaction. 1 Introduction This section is devoted to the review of the historical background of infinite elements from the original works to the latest contribution. Exterior domain scattering problems appear in many engineering fields such as electrodynamics, magnetics, fluid and thermal analyses and so on. Wave propagation in an elastic infinite media and scattering of waves on bodies in a fluid which extends


wave propagation, infinite elements, finite element method,soil-structure interaction.