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Wave Propagation In Elastic And Poroelastic Media In The Frequency Domain By The Boundary Element Method


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M. A. C. Ferro & W. J. Mansur


This work presents a methodology to solve dynamic elastic and poroelastic problems in the frequency-domain approach, i.e., problems of the propagation of waves in an elastic and a saturated poroelastic media and the coupling between them. The methodology presented is concerned mainly with seismic wave propagation; in one of the examples the stability of a concrete dam is studied. The formulation of the governing equations for poroelastic isotropic and saturated media was proposed by Biot in time-domain. Dominguez presented a formulation in frequency-domain, using the analogy between dynamic poroelasticity and thermoelasticity. In the present paper the subregion technique, which is frequently used in the Boundary Element Method, was used to obtain the coupling between the elastic and poroelastic media. In order to validate the proposed formulation four examples were analyzed. The obtained numerical results are compared with the studies of other authors and they were quite good. Keywords: frequency-domain, elasticity, poroelasticity. 1 Introduction The analysis of the seismic response of dams and other structures is a very important problem of interest in geophysics and engineering fields. This subject is of special interest in geophysics and engineering areas, e.g., soil and rock mechanics, soil-structure interaction, etc. Wave propagation in isotropic elastic


frequency-domain, elasticity, poroelasticity.