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New And Original Equipment For Environmental Protection As A Result Of A Convenient Combination Of Experimental And Computational Approaches


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R. Dvorak, P. Stehlik, L. Bebar, J. Hajek & J. Oral


Air polluted by volatile organic compounds (VOC) or carbon monoxide is a consequence of industrial production. However, it can be encountered in the municipal sector too. Thermal processing can be considered due to its simplicity and reliability as the most effective way of polluted air treatment including waste to energy. A quite new and original solution consists of using a compact, fully integrated unit [1] that has recently been developed. Since the combustion chamber equipped with a burner is installed inside a recuperative cylindrical heat exchanger this unit has several advantages. The equipment occupies a small space, and heat losses from the combustion chamber are effectively utilized to share in preheating the polluted air. Therefore the equipment has lower weight and increased thermal efficiency compared with a conventional arrangement. Possible modifications of equipment arrangement (e.g. that with a catalytic bed) based on a combined experimental and computational approach as well as feedback from industrial operations can be considered as an indispensable advantage of this approach. Keywords: environmental protection, air pollutants, destruction of VOC and carbon monoxide, modelling, CFD simulation. 1 Introduction A lot of companies from various branches of industry solve problems with treatment of waste gases polluted by VOC and carbon monoxide. For these and


environmental protection, air pollutants, destruction of VOC andcarbon monoxide, modelling, CFD simulation.