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Semi-scale Experiments For Model Calibration And Verification In Water And Heat Transport In Porous Media


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Z. Pavlík 1 , P. Tesárek 1 , J. Toman 2 & R. Černý 1


A semi-scale device is employed for monitoring the drying out process of a building envelope consisting of freshly cast gypsum elements and exterior thermal insulation in the conditions of difference climate. The climatic chamber system includes two climatic chambers connected by a specially developed tunnel for testing large specimens. As for the climatic conditions on the exterior side, the test reference year data for Prague are used. Constant temperature and relative humidity is assumed on the interior side. For monitoring moisture content, the time-domain reflectometry probes are used, for the relative humidity and temperature measurements capacitance sensors are utilized. The measurements are performed for the time period of 92 days. On the basis of the measured data, calibration of the computer code Delphin 4.4.16 is done. The measured values of temperature, relative humidity and moisture content are compared with the calculated data, and a fitting procedure is employed for the identification of model parameters that are not known with a sufficient accuracy. Keywords: semi-scale experiment, hygrothermal performance, computer simulation, multi-layered envelope. 1 Introduction Determination of hygrothermal performance of building structures belongs to actual topics of building physics. Presently, two basic approaches are applied in


semi-scale experiment, hygrothermal performance, computer simulation, multi-layered envelope.