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Calculation Of Base Station Antenna Radiation Pattern Using The Weak Galerkin-Bubnov FEM Formulation For Integro-differential Operators


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D. Vucicic, D. Poljak & V. Doric


The aim of this paper is to develop an accurate and efficient model of base station antenna systems for analysis purposes, due to a growing concern regarding their potentially hazardous impact on human health. The formulation of the problem is based on the set of Pocklington integro-differential equations. This equation has been numerically treated by the weak Galerkin-Bubnov formulation of the Finite Element Method for integro-differential operators (sometimes referred to as the indirect Boundary Element Method). The electric near-field and electric far-field results have been calculated throughout this work and have been compared to the results obtained using the commercial software NEC Win-Pro, and to other results available in references. Results obtained using the model presented in this paper show good compliance with respect to referent values. The model developed in this work could be further extended for handling even more complex geometries, but it is already applicable to many real world problems. 1 Introduction An increasing number of GSM and UMTS base station antenna systems and potential hazardous influence on human health has recently caused a growing public concern. Therefore, the analysis of the intensity and form of radiated electromagnetic energy is of great interest to biological studies [1]. Some simplified analytical approaches to base station antenna analysis have been reviewed in [1], while interesting numerical treatment has been presented in [2] and [3].