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A Simplified Method For The Assessment Of ELF Magnetic Fields From Three-phase Power Lines


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S. Kraljevic, D. Poljak & V. Doric


A simplified analytical method for calculation of magnetic flux density near the three-wire, three-phase power line is proposed. Analytical results are compared against numerical results computed by using the FDIES (Frequency Domain Integral Equation Solver) research code developed at the University of Split and good agreement was found. The results obtained by both methods have been further compared with experimental measurements and satisfactory agreement among all the results has been found. The obtained analytical and numerical solutions have also been checked against the international safety guidelines and standards. Keywords: Human exposure, ELF magnetic fields, analytical solution, numerical solution, safety guidelines. 1 Introduction The electromagnetic fields generated by extremely low frequency (ELF) sources are ever present in daily life. The increasing number of power systems makes the question whether there are possible adverse effects to human health due to the exposure to these fields more important. To determine the coupling mechanisms between electromagnetic fields and the body one should first determine directions and magnitudes of the electric and magnetic fields at different distances from the electromagnetic field source. At low frequency (when the displacement current can be neglected) the analysis of magnetic field H and the electric field E can be decoupled. Electric field is easily shielded, e.g. using a thin, grounded metal foil and its magnitude is reduced in the surrounding environment by the presence of trees, houses etc. Its effect on the conductive


Human exposure, ELF magnetic fields, analytical solution, numerical solution, safety guidelines