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Knowledge Representation In Our Systems


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V. Aggelis


Data utilization has become a critical point in business success. Since enormous data volumes are gathered from companies, institutions and organizations, there has arisen a need for taking advantage of the collected information. Nowadays, many models and processes can be found, worldwide, for data management and utilization. \“Knowledge representation in our systems” (KRIOS) is not only another model. KRIOS is also a new philosophy which targets bringing a revolution in the business environment. Our method’s scope is to emphasize the human factor related to the process. KRIOS includes three parallel layers. The first is a step by step methodology which describes all steps from gathering data until gaining competitive advantages from knowledge, using data mining techniques. The whole process is iterative and is executed continuously. This is the corollary of data texture and data characteristic. The second one is the human factor layer. All steps are reflected in human roles and attributes. The KRIOS initiation point is not the first step of its methodology. The starting point is top management. Top managers’ faith and support of KRIOS are prerequisites for its successful adoption. As we stated in our work there is the Lamp Example, which describes top management’s contribution to our model. Finally, the third layer refers to the knowledge and business level. Each step is connected with a piece of knowledge and business process. All layers, the methodology layer, human role layer and knowledge and business layer, are strongly interconnected. Taking into consideration the human factor is an innovative approach. Well established models, theories or methodologies are good enough but all of them are applied by people. People are those who make them successful and useful. KRIOS is a new trend, a multi-tool, a leading decision support system and it will succeed, if it manages to become a siege ram in knowledge and in business process problems. KRIOS revolution depends on humans. Business benefits realization from data utilization and, mostly, faith in its contribution are the basic pylons of our philosophy. In addition KRIOS deals with customers and one of its aims is to also return gain and benefits to them. Keywords: data utilization, data mining, knowledge, decision support.


data utilization, data mining, knowledge, decision support.