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Data Mining: An Automatic Tool For Retrieval Of Data From A System’s Requirements


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R. Ibrahim, N. Ibrahim & N. Ismail


Automatic information retrieval is usually used to ease the manual task of certain applications. In data mining, automatic information retrieval is used to retrieve specific data from a specific domain. We use this concept to introduce an automatic tool for data retrieval from requirements of a system, where the tool is used to generate the test cases automatically according to the system’s requirements. The tool uses two steps for generating test cases. First, the system’s requirements are transformed into a use-case diagram. Second, the use cases are then used to automatically generate the test cases. The tool allows a user to layout the requirements of a system via a use-case diagram in the workspace provided. In the workspace, a ToolBox is used to create, edit and display the use-case diagram. The ToolBox consists of standard symbols and arrows for a use-case diagram such as symbols for an actor and a use case, and arrows for connecting an actor with use cases as well as arrows for extends and uses. The workspace also allows a user to type-in the text for each of the use cases used. Once the use-case diagram has been finalized, it can be saved and edited at any other time. The engine of the tool will take all the use cases from the use-case diagram and search the keywords used in the provided database. Once the use case used matches the keyword inside the database, the engine will automatically generate its respective test cases according to its use case. Keywords: information retrieval, automatic generator, use-case diagram.


information retrieval, automatic generator, use-case diagram.