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SCADA \“Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition” Implementation In \“Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited Pakistan” (SNGPL)


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M. Shahid Khalil & A. Shahnaz Safdar


This paper will explain SCADA \“Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition”, and the need for quality management information systems in today’s competitive and widely spread business world. Information systems help companies extend their reach to faraway locations, reshape jobs and work flows, and perhaps profoundly change the way they conduct their business. SNGPL is the only gas transportation company in Pakistan, which is utilizing the SCADA system on such a large scale, with much effect. The SCADA system, implemented in SNGPL since 2000, has greatly changed the corporate profile and organizational procedures as well as the public image of the company. DMC phones and traditional tele-printer messages were mainly used for the communication/dissipation of information across the organization before the implementation of SCADA. No timely or abrupt response could have been given to any sabotage/rupture of pipelines, mainly due to lack of an effective and efficient information system throughout the organization. Nowadays, while monitoring mainline pressure and flow at Gas Control Center Faisalabad, the desk operator would immediately issue a command to close the nearest valve, not only to save the gas volume being purged into the atmosphere but also to ensure the safety of precious human lives and public property. Moreover, the company’s image in the consumer market has improved greatly due to an uninterrupted gas supply to all major cities and towns of Punjab and NWFP. In short, SCADA has proved to be a blessing in disguise for SNGPL, keeping in view its widely spread infrastructure. Keywords: SCADA, MIS, SNGPL, RTU, control.


SCADA, MIS, SNGPL, RTU, control.