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A Decision Support Methodology To Rank Information Technology Projects


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S. F. C. Pinho & N. F. F. Ebecken


Struggling to improve the business decisions and to preserve their competitive capacity, many organizations find in Information Technology (IT) projects, the necessary support to manipulate their information by means of a more integrated and fast form. Therefore, with the increasing demand for execution of IT projects the organizations come across with the resources allocation conflict, carrying them to evaluate the set of IT projects that should be executed and to define the relative priority among them. This paper presents a methodology that acts as an instrument of support to the decision to prioritize IT projects. Hence, starting from a set of candidate projects, a ranked list of projects is established in a systematic way, stressing the intensity that a project is superior to others, and even projects which do not have their execution recommended. Data Mining, Multicriteria to Decision Analysis (MDA) and Experts Tacit Knowledge Acquisition (KA) techniques were used, conjugating thus the knowledge extracted from historical data (database of executed projects) and the business experts knowledge, aspects that are considered essential for the decision making process. Keywords: projects ranking, Information Technology, Data Mining, Multicriteria Decision Analysis. 1 Introduction Usually the demand for resources to be allocated in the IT projects is larger than its availability, compelling the organizations to evaluate the priority of each one [1].


projects ranking, Information Technology, Data Mining, Multicriteria Decision Analysis.