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A Study Of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) On Apparel European Web Sites


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J. Lawler, P. Vandepeutte & D. Anderson


This study explores customer relationship management (CRM) on the Web sites of apparel firms in Europe. Customer relationship management and data mining are critical differentials that enable competitive edge for firms focused on increasing customer market share. Though investment in marketing, sales and service innovation can be constrained due to economic and cultural considerations, the initial analysis of the study indicates common European consumer apparel sites enable higher content depth, navigational context and help, consumer communication, and commerce efficiency. However, the study concurrently indicates lower customer customization and mining, lifestyle connection and marketing, and consumer community interaction, on the sites. The analysis, conducted as an assignment by adult students at a leading European university, contributes insight into the limitation of customer relationship management and data mining investment on the Web. This study will benefit practitioners and researchers who continue to evaluate innovation in technology on the European Web. Keywords: apparel industry, business-to-consumer (b2c), e-commerce in Europe, customer relationship management (CRM), data mining on the Web, European Union. 1 Background The World Wide Web is an important consideration in the growth of business firms in America. From its inception, the Web has initiated unprecedented change in enabling improved channels of business with customers (Porter [1]). From customer-centric channels to customer-focused processes, firms have


apparel industry, business-to-consumer (b2c), e-commerce inEurope, customer relationship management (CRM), data mining on the Web,European Union.