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Using Text Mining To Understand The Call Center Customers’ Claims


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G. M. Caputo, V. M. Bastos & N. F. F. Ebecken


This work presents a study related to the methods of text mining applications, more specifically, data clustering, in call center’s databases, whose texts are in the Portuguese language. The main objective is to identify new and useful knowledge, based on customers’ claims. Through the information agreement, it will be possible to identify better ways to help the customer, increasing their satisfaction with company services as well as supplying the call center staff and other related areas with a set of procedures and information concerning the most common customers questions. Keywords: text mining, clustering, call center. 1 Introduction Many companies who give telephonic attendance services for its customers need solutions guided to the information technology that make possible the register of their customers contacts, the aid and support to the attendants. For such, new access technologies to the knowledge bases and flow of information management can increase the productivity of the attendants and, as consequence, improve the quality of the given services. Many times, the attendance can be made by the Internet, bringing some advantages such as: costs reduction with attendance, user satisfaction increasing and knowledge of the customers interests, gotten through the automatic storage of the typed information. Text mining tools directed to knowledge bases creation, support and operation, and for attendance centers are applicable for the Web cases email or telephone attendance. The technologies presented in these tools make possible to create knowledge bases for queries through the search of one or more words in documents, allow to


text mining, clustering, call center.