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Computational System For The Textual Processing Of Industrial Patents


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G. M. Caputo & N. F. F. Ebecken


This work presents a study related to the application of text mining methods in Brazilian industrial patents (INPI databases) as a tool of competitive profit for companies supplying technology. The main objective is to discover, using patents abstracts analysis, the main developers’ companies in all technological areas, helping in the competitors’ identification. The patent mining is capable of discovering, through the research aiming perception, new industrial trends helping to create strategies that anticipate the demand and to get a competitive profit through technological innovations. Keywords: text mining, patent analyses, competitive intelligence. 1 Introduction Innovation is perhaps one of the main subjects interest for the majority companies that desire to keep updated in the current market. To innovate demands to know the competitions strategies, main producing and the consumers’ real necessities, the technological trends knowledge that anticipates the demand and the market [1]. To reach such level, Competitive Intelligence (CI) techniques are used. CI provides organizations evolution and competitive advantage utilizing computational techniques and qualified professional. These techniques can understand involved sectors and assist in decision making. From this dispute for innovations and organization copyright protection, constantly, new products are invented, new ideas appear and so that the industrial property law on the product or idea is preserved, new patents are deposited. These industrial patents have the products details, so an analysis detailed on these patents, make possible visualize the technological trends and understand


text mining, patent analyses, competitive intelligence.