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BANNER – Intelligent Management Of Banner Advertisements On The WWW


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P Cardoso, R Luís, R Neves & N Horta


BANNER - Intelligent management of banner advertisements on the WWW P. Cardoso1, R. Luis1, R. Neves2, N. Horta1 1 Centre for Microsystems, IST Portugal. 2 FLASHINDEX Portugal. Abstract This paper presents a new tool, the BANNER system, allowing an intelligent management of ads on the WWW in opposition to the traditional random selection. In order to perform an intelligent ad assignment to each web page a strategy to retrieving data was implemented by allowing both an automatic classification of site contents, within a set of pre-defined classes, and also an automatic generation of four different types of user profiles. Therefore, the ads assignment relies on both user preferences and the set of available ads at each moment. The result of this work is a clear increase on advertisement efficiency on the WWW. 1 Introduction During the last decade Internet originated a global market without physical frontiers and, thus, a new set of advertising opportunities have emerged from which displaying ads on web pages is one of the most popular forms of advertisement. However, the explosive growth on information exchange creates a natural doubt on the effectiveness of the advertising message. Therefore, in order to increase the probability of success it is now mandatory to develop new techniques and tools to intelligently, and automatically, select and present the most desirable ad to the user. In this paper a new tool, the BANNER system, allowing an intelligent management of ads on the WWW, which applies not only to a single Internet site but also to a network of independent Internet sites, is presented.