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Modification Of Search Space (in Network Data) By User Interaction With A Virtual Reality (VR) Representation Of A Network: The Use Of VRDM (Virtual Reality Data Mining) For Rapid, Accurate Mining Of Network Data


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K E Burn-Thornton, M Creasey & C Radix


Modification of search space (in network data) by user interaction with a Virtual reality (VR) representation of a network: The use of VRDM (Virtual Reality Data Mining) for rapid, accurate, mining of network data. K.E. Burn-Thornton1 & C. Radix2 1 Data Mining Group, Dept. Computer Science, University of Durham, UK. 2 University of the West Indies. Abstract In this paper we describe a VRDM tool, which has been developed during the past two years. The tool is the first in which VR and Data Mining (DM) are combined to enable user initiated modification of the search space. The tool is constructed using functional building blocks appropriate to the network environment. By modification of search space the user is able to perform analysis of network data specifically related to his proximity to virtual network elements and/or speed of perusal of the virtual network. The use of user-initiated modification of search space, minimization of the time taken for Data Mining of network data and minimization of the time costs of the overheads of the use of VR enables the tool to provide near real-time data analysis. This work suggests that by using a building block appropriate to a system of interest, such as network or human body, it will be possible to create a tool for exploring system health in many environments by virtue of user-initiated modification of search space. 1 Introduction Rapid, accurate, analysis, and prediction, of the congestion state of traffic throughout the many layers of networks, which are continually evolving, is of