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Development Of The Customer Marketing ™ Method: An Application Of Analytical CRM


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S Meacci


Development of the Customer MarketingTM Method: an application of Analytical CRM S. Meacci Databank SpA, Italy Abstract Analytical CRM involves acquiring and updating knowledge about customer needs, motivation and behaviour and requires a structured method to be implemented in a multidimensional database. The presentation describes The Customer MarketingTM Method - CM in short - and the CM application within the Customer Focus Suite of SPSS Showcase - CFS in short -, in the analytical CRM environment. CM, originated by Jay Curry1 and others and implemented by Sergio Meacci1 and others (see references), covers all topics of the marketing and sales process: customer focus and its impact on company profile, understanding customer expectations and requirements, measuring and monitoring customer performance. CM measures customer satisfaction and loyalty and customer performance within a defined process of marketing techniques for customer value segmentation and definition of marketing actions/plans for existing vs new customers through an appropriate mix of acquisition and retention cycles. Customer behaviour is measured using pyramids - historical, actual and planned – and the related migration matrixes that monitor the movement of the customers among the value categories. The 10 steps approach to measure Customer Value within the CFS of SPSS will be described by choosing value measurement metric and sorting customer list; by defining customer categories and boundaries; by managing potential revenue growth and by defining the appropriate marketing actions/plans, allocating marketing expenses and resources and measuring the related actual performance vs the expected ones. 1 Customer Marketing Method-CM The organisation has to be structured around the customer, communicate efficiently and effectively with its customers and prospects. That’s why the process starts from the enhancement of the customer focus areas, then improving