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Rule Association Based Alarm Correlation In Telecommunication Management Network (TMN)


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A Mehrabinezhad, D Dastan, M R A Shirazi & H Pedram


In this paper, we present an implemented alarm correlation engine in the alarm correlation and filtering subsystem of the ITRC TMN prototype for SDH network management. This engine uses an algorithm based on the rule association technique for knowledge discovery in large alarm databases. The TMN system uses the produced knowledge in filtering redundant alarms, locating problems in the network, and possibly in predicting the network faults. 1 Introduction Telecommunication Management Network (TMN) is a standard framework for managing, maintaining, provisioning and administrating telecommunication networks and services [1]. A TMN management service (MS), addresses as a reference, the relevant information on telecommunication management, serving a specific management goal. Based on the TMN user’s perception of the management requirements, some management services are defined. One of these management services is Fault Management [2]. Fault management is a set of functions, which enables the detection, isolation, and correction of abnormal operations of the telecommunication network and its environment [2]. The most important goal of this management service is to realize the root cause of the failure and then correcting it. A TMN system provides the capability to monitor NE failures in near-real time. When such a failure occurs, the NE and the other related equipments make